why using a python virtual environment is a good choice

Why Using A Python Virtual Environment Is A Good Choice?

Imagine yourself walking into a grocery store for a specific item. However, to your surprise, there is absolutely no organization within the entire storeā€”no way to distinguish between products; no way to tell what product is for what purpose; simply no way to find your item.

You go to the counter and ask the grocer where the specific product is, but all he tells you is to “search for it.”

Now, what do you do? The only option left for you is to find the item you so desperately want on your own by searching every product in the store.


How to Install Virtual Environment on Ubuntu 16.04

In today’s tutorial we will show you, how to install Virtual Environment on Ubuntu 16.04. We may face issues when our Linux distribution only offers certain versions of Python and its packages, when we actually need newer versions. We can install new versions of Python on the server, of course, but this will be more complex because we will have some dependency issues when trying to compile everything we need. Virtual environment make this very easy to manage and set up, we can have different versions of Python in each environment, and it will be isolated from the main system. Installing Virtual Environment on Ubuntu 16.04 is fairly easy task and it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to finish.