How to Install Uptime Kuma on Ubuntu 22.04

Uptime Kuma is an open-source monitoring solution. We can monitor our websites and servers’ uptime and configure them to send us notifications via multiple options, like Telegram, email, Discord, etc. Uptime Kuma is an easy-to-use monitoring tool, and it is powerful for traffic control, observability, service discovery, etc. This article will show you how to install Uptime Kuma on Ubuntu 22.04.

improve website performance using gzip and nginx on ubuntu 22.04

Improve Website Performance Using gzip and Nginx on Ubuntu 22.04

A website’s performance depends on many factors, and choosing a suitable web server is one of them. You can choose from many web servers, like Apache, LiteSpeed, Nginx, etc.

Nginx is an open-source web server, it was initially developed by Igor Sysoev and released in October 2004. In Nginx, gzip compression can significantly reduce the size of transmitted data to website visitors.

Modern web browsers support GZIP compression by default. However, we need to configure our server to serve the compressed resources to our website visitors properly. Without a proper configuration, it could make your server load higher and even slower. This article will show you how to improve website performance using GZIP and Nginx on Ubuntu 22.04.