how to install ntopng on debian 11

How to Install Ntopng on Debian 11

In this blog post, we are going to install Ntopng on Debian 11 OS and explain in step-by-step detail the installation process.

Ntopng is a web-based application for tracking the network traffic on your server. It is free and open-source and supports different operating systems like Linux, Windows MacOS and etc. Ntopng is a very useful monitoring tool that shows, multiple graphs in the GUI such as network usage, analytical data, bandwidth utilization, apps and etc. Also, Ntopng analyzes the traffic and sorts it by source/destination.

Installing Ntopng on Debian 11, is a very easy and straightforward process in just a few steps. Let’s get to work!

how to set up nginx as a reverse proxy for apache on debian

How to Set Up Nginx as a Reverse Proxy For Apache on Debian 11

Nginx and Apache are both free, open-source, and considered some of the most popular web servers around the world.
If we combine both servers, then we will get a better result for our services. Nginx is generally faster than Apache and Apache is well-known for its powerful features.

setting up nginx as a reverse proxy for apache on debian 11

In today’s tutorial, you will learn how to set up Nginx as a reverse proxy for Apache, using Debian 11 OS. Make sure to follow the official documentation, if any issues arise in the meantime.

how to install gitlab on debian 11

How to Install GitLab on Debian 11

GitLab is a self-hosted git repository management system. It is a Git repository manager providing wiki, issue-tracking, and continuous integration and deployment. Because of the advantage that brings development, operations, and security teams into a single application, GitLab is now widely used across the globe. Installing GitLab on Debian 11 is a fairly easy task and it should take around 15 minutes for the installation. Today we will show you how to install GitLab on your Debian 11 VPS.