install tar.gz on almalinux 9

How to Install Tar.gz on AlmaLinux 9

If you are asking what is Tar.gz, then the tar file is an archive that contains files and folders into it, while the gz stands for the compressed file format. If you combine these two, you will get a compressed archive.

The compressed archives are used on a daily basis by the system administrators, developers, and regular Linux users. Compressing multiple files in one archive can simplify the process of sending that compressed file quickly.

how to install elasticsearch on almalinux

How to Install and Configure Elasticsearch on AlmaLinux

Elasticsearch is an open-source search engine built on the Apache Lucene library. Elasticsearch was initially released in 2010 and has become the most popular search engine application ever since. People use Elasticsearch for log analytics, full-text search, operational use cases, etc.

Magento, as a well-known e-commerce application also uses Elasticsearch as its search engine. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install and configure Elasticsearch on AlmaLinux.

install apache spark on almalinux 9

How To Install Apache Spark on AlmaLinux 9

In this tutorial, we are going to explain in step-by-step detail how to install Apache Spark on AlmaLinux 9 OS.

Apache Spark is an open-source unified analytics engine used for data processing large amounts of data. This software stores data in memory and performs the operations very fast using SQL query languages. Apache Spark is written in Scala language and is compatible with multiple operating systems such as macOS, Windows, and Linux of course.

Installing Apache Spark and running it as a service is a straightforward process and may take up to 10 minutes. Let’s get things done.

install erpnext on almalinux

How To Install ERPNext on AlmaLinux

In this tutorial, we are going to explain in step-by-step detail how to install ERPNext on AlmaLinux OS.

ERPNext or Enterprise Resource Planning is an open-source integrated software solution that collects and organizes business information. ERPNext is built on the Frappe Framework in Python and Javascript that stores the data in the MySQL database server. The framework also uses Nginx as a web server and Redis cache. It is important to know that ERPNext requires only a clean server and has a configuration that needs to be installed from scratch. In this tutorial, we are going to use AlmaLinux 8.5 OS.

Installing ERPNext on AlmaLinux OS can take up to 1 hour. Let’s get things done!

install docker ce on almalinux

How to Install Docker CE on AlmaLinux

Docker Community Edition (CE) is a free, open-source, and community-supported version of the Docker platform. Docker CE provides all the essential features to build, ship, and run container applications. It is designed for developers who are just starting out with containerization, as well as for small-scale development and testing environments.

Docker CE includes the Docker Engine, a lightweight runtime and packaging tool, and Docker CLI, a command-line interface for interacting with the Docker Engine. With Docker CE, developers can quickly build, package, and deploy their applications as containers, making it easier to run the same application across multiple environments, such as development, testing, and production.

In the following tutorial, we will show you how to install Docker CE on AlmaLinux server.

delete large file in linux

5 Ways to Empty or Delete a Large File in Linux

In this article, we will go over five different ways to empty/delete a large file in Linux.

You might have a file that’s gigabytes in size that you want to get rid of quickly, or you want to automate emptying a file for each iteration. Whatever the case may be, you’ll be able to easily delete or empty a file with help from this article.

We’ll be running these commands on an Ubuntu 22.04 VPS, but pretty much all of these commands should work on any modern distribution.

how to install couchdb on almalinux

How to Install CouchDB on AlmaLinux

Apache CouchDB is a free yet reliable non-relational or NoSQL database engine. It is written in Erlang language and natively supports data in JSON format. The data can be accessed and queried via the HTTP protocol, making it easier and more scalable than traditional SQL relational databases like MySQL. CouchDB also offers replication capability and provides high availability access. This tutorial will show you how to install CouchDB on AlmaLinux.

useful cron commands in linux

10 Useful cron Commands in Linux With Examples

In this tutorial, we will explain ten useful cron commands in Linux with examples.

The cron command is used for scheduling tasks to be executed in a specific period, like a month, day, hour, minute, or even seconds. The cron uses a table of tabs called crontabs which have a list of commands that need to be executed with their times respectively. These cron commands are used by system administrators mostly, to make their work easier and be sure not to forget to execute something during a specific period of their work.

In this tutorial, we are going to use Ubuntu 20.04, but you can choose any Linux distro you want. Let’s get started!